Is social media destroying our relationships ?

Is social media destroying our relationships ?

Reconnecting with old friends can be a great experience .

It can also be devastating to your relationship if your spouse is now finding his or her self worth and significance through others online.

It is very sad but true. Many marriages have been destroyed simply by connecting with old friends and or associates. Fact is that even as far back as 2011 one in five marriages failed due to the impact from social media.

Social media has a lot of benefits, we can now share photos, video and more , instantly from anywhere in the world. Wecan also have private conversations with any person we choose to friend or accept to follow us. Although this technology is great and handy to use, it can also have some very serious side effects on relationships.

So how does a simple chat to an old friend turn into a relationship buster?

It starts with some easy going banter and starts moving into what seems like harmless flirtation. Before you know it your partner finds themselves being validated, their self worth and confidence then starts to rise. The fantasy life they see the other living online seems so much more attractive than the life they find themselves living.The friendship continues and the addiction and dependence on the other person continues to drive them to want more.

Before the physical affair, the emotional affair has already taken place.

Fantasy turns into temptation the temptation turns into desire and before you know it the real affair begins and the lives left behind are shattered.

So be careful when online that you are not finding your self worth and significance in someone else. Love your partner not the fantasy.

So what are some of the tell tale signs that your partner is hiding a possible online relationship?

  • Excessive hours spent on social networking sites especially once you have gone to bed or not at home
  • Your partner gets defensive when questioned about who they were talking to online
  • Your partner will not allow you to have access to their social media account
  • The computer, laptop, tablet or phone is turned off or put down the second you walk in the room.

The key is real communication between you and your spouse. Talk to your partner before it becomes a bigger issue and they find their self worth and significance somewhere else.


Written by

Jonathon Matthews