Wrestling With Mini Me

Wrestling With Mini Me

Mini Me is the little you, the less confident you, the annoying picky you. Mini Me is that voice in your head that speaks absolute negativity. You know that little voice in your head that says

“Im ugly”

“I am stupid”

“Whats the point nobody listens to me?”

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“That’s just my luck”

“I am a failure”

“It is always my fault”

” He / She would never like me”

” I could never get that job”

If your sitting there saying “I don’t know what on earth he is talking about….. little voice I don’t have a little voice,” your either lying about it, in complete denial or you are one of the elite alien species visiting this planet in human form and in that case you need not read any further.

I know for me sometimes I have a choir of little voices up there in my brain at times sprouting negative thoughts of insecurity. Before you say it, I am not schizophrenic to my knowledge, but i know what it is to battle the Mini Me voices.

So how do you deal with Mini Me Voices? I did learn some great techniques for this from a master in little voice management by the name of Blair Singer at one of his conferences only a few years ago. if your interested you can look him up on youtube as he has some great material. This exercise relates to taking every thought captive.

If your anything like me you hear that negative voice or thought and you dwell on it. Then you end up feeding it, and before long you are day dreaming about it and living the story out in your mind before it even happens. To be honest sometimes that story plays out pretty bad with someone getting an arse whooping or being blasted. The reality never ends up playing out the way you imagine. What you do find is yourself getting more and more upset about the possible outcome that never comes to pass. This day dreaming or Mini Me voice keeps you in that negative head space.

So how do you deal with Mini Me?  You may find this a little silly but it truly works.. and it is probably a good idea to do this where nobody can here you or they may think your just a little crazy.

When you here that Mini Me voice, for example: “Nothing ever goes my way” say out loud, STOP! Out loud and with authority (you can see why I said do it alone) try that again, say out loud STOP! you will find by saying this out loud it makes your mind snap to attention and the thought stops… If it starts again say out out loud STOP! your brain will be interrupted and it will stop the pattern of what you were thinking in your head. You can try it by saying it in your head but it generally will not change anything.

Once you have said STOP out loud you need to replace the negative thought in your mind with the truth in the situation. For example, if the thought is “Nothing ever goes my way” replace it with the truth or the opposite “Things are going my way” or “I can do this” then go to a place where you nailed it! What I mean is access a memory or time that you were totally at your best, where you succeeded beyond your expectations. This memory might have been a sporting event, a time you hit a sales target or even the day you kissed your true love. It doesn’t have to be a big event just remember a time you had a win, and draw on that experience. How did it make you feel? What was the emotion when you had that win and draw the energy from that experience. When you do this your energy lifts and your negative voice will fade away.

If you use this technique for a while before long you will find your negative mini me voice becoming weaker and yourself becoming more confident. You will find you no longer have to say stop out loud and your brain will start automatically calling on times where you have won in the past.

Negative mini me thoughts can cripple a persons confidence and keep people in a negative or depressed mind set which can lead to major mental health issues. I don’t profess to be a professional in this area but I have used this technique in my life in both my professional and personal life and it has made some of the most difficult times easier to get through. I hope it can help you.

Written By

Jonathon Matthews