I mean in a real hurry. It is a question not many people can answer. Let’s say you had a real tax problem and you needed $50,000 by the end of the week or the ATO will take drastic action. Where would you go? I guess you can go to your bank and attempt to get your overdraft extended but often the bank will not increase an overdraft or lend you money while you have an outstanding tax debt. Also banks are moving pretty slow these days and the chances of having the loan in time to meet your deadline is pretty slim.

Let’s take a look at a different scenario. You are a property developer and a parcel of land is for sale and you need the funds to settle on this land in a couple of days and you need an extra $300k to complete the deal. Where would you go to raise the funds in such a short time frame? Fast business loans are not readily available from the banks but there is a way to finance the property or that tax debt within 24 hours. In fact you can get a short term business loan and have the funds in your account within 24hrs.

How do I fund a short term business loan within 24 hours you may ask? Well it is quite simple there are a few companies out there that can provide funds from $20,000 to $2 million dollars within 24hours providing you have equity in property, you are a PTY LTD company and you have an exit strategy to pay out the loan.

The three main companies I have found to provide this service are

HomeSec Business Finance
IBF or Instant Business Finance
Elite Capital

All three companies will lend $20,000 to $2million dollars within 24 hours providing you have equity in property and a sound exit strategy to pay out the loan.

With a bit of research on these funders I found HomeSec Business Finance to be my first choice as their service truly is second to none and were definitely not in it for a cash grab as they truly wanted to see that their customers had a good exit strategy before providing the loan.

The HomeSec Short Term Business Loan application truly takes about 60 seconds to fill out and the response to the email enquiry was lightening fast. They do not ask for business financials or statements which is a relief compared to most lenders and providing you have equity in a property the fact that you may have defaults on your credit file is also of no concern.

The benefit of these loans are that they can help business people out of some sticky situations until such time as they can refinance with the bank or sell the property to raise the capital they require. Although the interest rate is dearer than normal bank loans and overdrafts these loans are designed to get you the relief you need for the interim and should only be taken out if the benefits outweigh the costs.

Caveat loans in Australia or Business Bridging Finance is becoming widely used throughout the business community especially with the banks tightening up their lending after the banking royal commission. There are now more and more banks knocking back finance or rescinding on offers than ever before making it harder than ever for business to get short term business loans in Australia.

Homesec Business Finance is located in Melbourne but lends Australia Wide and into New Zealand. If you need an instant business loan they are well worth contacting. 1300 93 83 87 or got to their website


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