How do investors find entrepreneurs and how do Entrepreneurs find Investors?

How do investors find entrepreneurs and how do Entrepreneurs find Investors?

Getting a business idea off the ground can be a difficult process. Let’s face it funding a good business idea, app or invention though the bank is nearly impossible especially if you are one of the great Aussie battlers. But if you have done your research you have a good pitch and your idea has a good chance of success there are ways to fund that project and create a win win scenario for both you and your investor. But where do you go to find serious investors in your business model?

There are several angel investor sites online where you can list your idea and pitch it to the world. These sites encourage crowd funding and also facilitate meetings with serious sophisticated investors. To advertise on these sites you will incur costs of $1600 or more plus a steep percentage of the amount of money raised to start your business off. The other issue is privacy and the fact that you need to give a fair description of your business and how it works to entice prospective investors. Once an investor is interested your full pitch is sent to them to take a look at and see if they are really interested. There is a certain element of trust that must go into this procedure and although privacy documents may be signed you do run the risk of having your idea stolen.

One site Investor Connections ( seem to be doing things a little differently to most angel Investment companies found on the internet. Investor Connections do not at this point of time do crowd funding but seem to be concentrating on working with Sophisticated Investors as determined by ASIC . The Investor Connections website is a very new site and invites clients with a business idea, innovation, App or any other business opportunity to register their business with them. The site Investor Connections claim to match Sophisticated Investors with Entrepreneurs and handle the negotiations between both parties to come up with a fair and profitable solution for all involved.

Entrepreneurs are protected through privacy agreements and non disclosure documents and Investors Identities are not released to entrepreneurs unless authorised to do so or when all parties meet face to face. The negotiations are handled between Investor Connections and all parties involved.

Investor Connections also act on behalf of established businesses to raise capital and provide returns for their investors. Recently a meeting of investors raised over a million dollars in capital for a well known business lender with investors guaranteed a return of 18% return on investment. So successful was this presentation that the guaranteed 18% return on investment is continually listed on

If you are a sophisticated investor looking for new investment opportunities in Australia you should register your details with Investor Connections and give it a try. There is no cost to the investor to register and you only accept the business opportunities in Australia that you are interested in. Your details, email etc are kept confidential and will not be released to the general public.

I have met people who have had multi million dollar ideas and innovations in my time and I have heard so many times that if I had the money I could……. But I cant tell anyone my idea in case it gets stolen. The fact is I ask you the question if you cant fund your idea or concept what is it worth? Absolutely nothing. Sometimes you have to get your business plan together with a smart investor and make it happen or you will always be saying to yourself I wish I…….. When somebody else decided to run with a similar idea.

If you are an Entrepreneur with a great business idea, concept or opportunity it is worth registering with Investor Connections or an Angel investment website as you may find that the business dream you have may just become a reality.

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