Increase Staff Performance

Increase Staff Performance

Motivating staff to get out of their comfort zone can be difficult and often when we are in business it is hard to find the time to do this effectively. But what are the real costs of ignoring this part of your business. An article in the Australian states that Gallup estimates the cost of the lack of employee engagement costs business $54.8 billion dollars a year.

So what is the main cause of employees being unmotivated in the workplace and how can you fix it in your business? First you need to find where the problems are in your business and work in reverse from the bottom up. The hardest thing being a business owner and trying to get to the bottom of issues within your business is the lack of transparency with employees. Although you may be the boss, often employees will not feel free to speak due to the fear or alienation or repercussion for saying what they feel or how things can be improved. There is also the occasional time where the opposite is displayed where you have employees who always badger you about how to improve the business showing little or no respect. Often this type of employee is actually the issue within the organisation.

So how do you fix the issue from the bottom up? Find a reputable business consultant to help motivate your staff is the best way to handle the issues and increase your staff motivation. Finding a business consultant in Adelaide that can deal with staff motivation, and conflict resolution is not always an easy task but it is well worth looking around. If you can find a business such as Exalt Sales Training in Adelaide your problems could be over faster than you think.

The first step is to get Exalt Sales Training to come in and get to know your staff through an interview process. Being independent and not a part of the company staff tend to let their defences down when told that anything you do not want to be repeated stays between us. Often this is where we find issues with management, procedures or harassment even theft within a company. With the staff being on the frontline of your business the information they provide can turn a company around.

The second step is to cut any toxic staff. Toxic staff are the ones that bring everybody down and create trouble within an organisation. Many times it is one bad employee that kills motivation and performance. Once this person or individuals are gone I have seen entire organisations change.

Step 3 Incentivise your staff! Everybody wants to be acknowledged for the effort they put in but unfortunately to many employers have the mindset that they get a weekly wage and that should be their incentive. WRONG! We all work for a weekly wage but when a good job is done or sales are high how about throwing in a free lunch or a movie voucher to reward a job well done. Give your people targets to achieve in sales or production and if they meet those targets reward them, it will make a huge impact on culture and will drive people to be more productive.

The fourth step is provide training. If you are retail or direct sales organisation instead of always having your sales manager give a sales meeting get a training company like Exalt Sales Training in Adelaide to come to your business and do some group sales training or one on one individual training to help lower the conversion rate between enquiry and sale.

Often hearing from someone outside the day to day business on how they make sales can inspire huge results. Even seasoned sales people with years of experience can learn from a fresh new sales training course or sales meeting.

Developing your business and making the changes required can be very difficult. Help with business development, staff issues marketing and sales training in Adelaide is available. Often business owners say I cant’ afford to bring someone in to do this for my business. The question is can you afford not to fix the issues within your business?

If you need help with Motivating Staff In Adelaide or you require help with Business Development I strongly recommend Exalt Sales Training.

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